1. Mr. Mohamed A. Attiah , is a Muslim-Canadian of Egyptian origins:

a) He came to Canada on 1975;

b) He lived, worked and traveled in Europe and the USA;

c) He became a Canadian citizen on 1978;

d) He is a mechanical engineer by profession;

e)  He was married to Soher Attiah in Egypt on May,1984.

2. Mr. Attiah has four (4) children from his marriage to Soher Attiah:

(a) Yaseen Attiah, a then 15 years-old boy, born October 15, 1986;

(b) Taha Attiah, a then 13 years-old boy, born March 3, 1989;

(c) Yasmeen Attiah, a then 9 years-old girl, Born May 3, 1992; and

(d) Ridda Attiah, a then 7 years-old boy, Born June 23, 1994.

3. Between 1975 and 1980, Mr. Attiah worked in engineering at various private companies, in the Toronto area. Between 1980 and 1986 he worked for Ontario Hydro in Toronto. He also worked for Canada Post Corporation, in Toronto, from 1986 till 1997, as a senior engineer.

4. Mr. Attiah also served in the Canadian Reserve Armed Forces as a Reserve Officer between 1991 and 1994.

5. From 1997 until the year 2000, Mr. Attiah worked in the United States under contract with various employers in Delaware and Massachusetts until the year 2000. During that time, his wife and children continued to reside in Toronto (Mississauga) and he returned regularly every month. He provided all living expenses of his wife and children.

6.  In or about the year 2000, Mr. Attiah was hired by the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) to work as a project engineer in its facilities located at Chalk River, Ontario.

7. Prior to moving to Deep River, ON in 2000, for his work, Mr. Attiah’s children entire lives had been spent in Toronto from birth. The children moved to Deep River, ON in the summer of 2001. Mr. Attiah and his wife, being Muslims, raised their children in the Muslim faith.

8.  Mr. Attiah was initially hired by A.E.C.L. to work on contract until March 31st. 2001. However, prior to the expiray of the aforementioned contract, and in recognition of the quality of his work, his loyalty and his commitment to his job, his contract was extended for a six month period to September 30th. 2001. In August 2001, he was offered and accepted a permanent position with A.E.C.L.

9.  On or about the 20th. Day of September, 2001, just as Mr. Attiah was about to take his lunch, he was approached in the parking lot of his work place at AECL facilities in Deep River, ON by Claude Voyer, an investigator with the Criminal Intelligence Unit of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and by Pierre Janeada, who introduced himself as an investigator with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). Mr. Attiah was advised by the above individuals that they wished to ask him a few question(s) regarding the events that had transpired on the 11th. Day of September, 2001 pertaining to terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York City, New York. Mr. Attiah accompanied the investigators to the local O.P.P. detachment office to answer their questions which he agreed to do.

10. The investigators asked Mr. Attiah several questions focusing on several concerns.

11.  Subsequent to the interview, Mr. Attiah returned back to work the same day. Upon arrival at work he tried to enter the building through the rear entrance of the building in which his office was located as his usual practice. He discovered that his access code was disabled. Mr. Attiah then entered the building through the main entrance and immediately attended upon his supervisor, Ed Mutterback, and  advised him of what took place. Suddenly, the Corporate Security Supervisor, John Meadows, entered the meeting room and advised Mr. Attiah that he was no longer working for AECL because he is a “security risk”.

12. Mr. Attiah commenced legal action in the Federal Court of Canada against AECL, CSIS & RCMP alleging that 3 parties made false and malicious conclusions that he was a “security risk”. (Court file# T-2002-01).

13.  The case drew extensive and saturated media coverage and public exposure in the national and international media.

Initial Government Response:

14. Once I started formally to exercise my legal rights as an innocent Canadian citizen, I started to receive frequent intimidating phone calls from the lawyers of the Department of Justice. In particular I received such intimidating calls on three (3) different occasions from a lawyer who identified herself as (Lois Lehmann), Senior Counsel with the Department of Justice. On each occasion, Ms. Lehmann demanded that I should withdraw my legal case from the Federal Court otherwise she will make sure to keep my case circulating in Court procedures for the rest of my natural life.

Maroon in Deep River, SOS They are not coming to Save us?

15. Fears, suspicions and avoidance of direct, indirect and or social contact with friends or neighbors was so intense in the small community of Deep River, ON. They basically shunned me and my family. Our family became the main source of rumors and entertainment in the community calling me the uncle of “Osama Bin Laden”. We were under 24/7 surveillance by local police, residents, coworkers, AECL management and security staff as well as secret non-uniformed personnel.

Beware of Backstabbers, Friends bringing False Gifts and Smiles

16.  Despite the above tense, dangerous and terrifying environment around us, one morning (2) AECL employees i.e. (Mr. George Poly & Ms. Ivy Chung) appeared at my door without any prior appointment or arrangements. They claimed that they wanted to support us. I was very uncomfortable about letting them inside my home, yet I decided to give them the benefit of doubt. Perhaps they may feel better to see for themselves that we were not hiding bombs or explosives inside our house.

17.  Shortly afterwards, it became very clear from their conversation that:

(a) They are members of a local religious fringe group and that they came to visit us under the open eyes and with knowledge and blessings of AECL management and security department.

(b)  They figured out that they may take advantage of the fears that AECL managed to create in our lives upon destroying my reputation and portraying us as a security suspects. This group basically viewed our family to be an easy target to intimidate, to proselytize and to steal our identities and beliefs as Muslims believing in the one true God (Allah).

18. The above-mentioned AECL employees came to our home (3) times during the period I was out of my job i.e. (Sept. – Dec. 2001) trying to proselytize our family. Despite the huge duress we were experiencing under the circumstances, I patiently and firmly advised them clearly and firmly that:

(a) We are simple Canadian-Muslims practicing our beliefs while respecting other people’s beliefs; and that we are not contemplating conversion anyway.

(b) It is neither the proper nor the right timing to entertain such serious issues while we were under huge duress;

(c) Furthermore, I proposed to them a more progressive and community- oriented approach. I requested them -through their church- to sponsor, facilitate and host a public Information presentation about Islam which I was willing to provide in order to ease public tensions and minimize the fears among local residents. Such fears and suspicions were artificially created by AECL false,  irresponsible and racist allegations against me. Unfortunately, they rejected my proposal.

Parliament & Government Response

19. Parliament & Government responses has been best be summed up on the following Youtube Video,

Here the Hon. Peter MacKay our current Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada states verbatim:

a) Mohamed Attiah was wrongly accused; and

b) Mohamed Attiah suffered irreparable damages.

20. On the same video record, the Hon. Mr. MacKay requested the Government to provide me and other wrongly-accused victims with a faster and more efficient course of action in lieu of the costly, slow process of civil litigation which is prone to abuse and inexcusable delays. Mr. MacKay basically is recognizing the fact that although civil litigation may satisfy the legal system procedures, it does not provide Justice or effective relief to the victims.

21. Reactions and responses from all government officials and all members of Parliament from all political parties and colors confirmed the same position taken by Mr. MacKay without any reservation.

AECL Response

22. The most high profile contact from AECL senior management took place around the third week of November 2001 when Dr. Gary Kugler, Sr. Vice President, of AECL. He apologized to me on behalf of AECL Corporate management and promised that I would never be subjected to any more harassment if I would go back to work for AECL. To further confirm his support, Dr. Kugler promised to arrange with the Corporate Security and with other involved government agencies to facilitate my emergency need to travel overseas to see my dying father.

23. Despite the above-mentioned rosy position taken by Dr. Kugler and by AECL Sr. management, time proved that they were nothing but a bunch of liars, incompetent and corrupted management team.

Dr. Kugler would not respond to my letter of August 16, 2004 to both of him and to the corporate H.R VP. Both ignored my appeals to resolve serious harassment issues by the local management. Apparently Dr. Kugler was busy making special arrangements for a lateral transfer to Ontario Power Generation.

– The corporate HR – VP provided a very routine response indicating the Corporate management intentions to push my complaints into viscous circles of escalations and confrontations with management.

– I wonder if I can’t trust someone in the position and status of Dr. Kugler whose main job is to convince the public and clients that the Corporate Waste Management Policies are safe and reliable, who else I may trust?

24.  I returned back from Egypt on early January, 2002 to find out that my ex-spouse and my (4) children had disappeared without a warning or notice.

25. Apparently, the same fringe group who had rejected my proposal to ease public tensions and fears, took the opportunity of my absence in Egypt for my father’s funeral (Dec. 2oo1 – Jan. 2002) to break up my family. In my absence they approached my ex-wife, gave her money, persuaded her through fear and intimidation to kidnap the (4) children and to leave the family residence and to go to the Pembroke women’s shelter.

26. Despite the public commitments made by the government and by AECL Vice President, it became clear that AECL security, CSIS and the RCMP were involved spewing anti-Muslim hate rumors in the community to frighten my ex-spouse and our (4) children. The hate campaign intensified during my absence in Egypt to attend my father’s funeral.

27.  Considering that my ex-spouse was officially diagnosed by the Queensway Carlton Hospital to be suffering from Schizophrenia and mental disturbance and on the balance of probabilities, I do believe that my ex-wife was intimidated, threatened and used by the government to:

a) Force me to sign an illegal and immoral settlement that masks the government responsibility for the crime they committed by falsely labeling me as a security risk.

b) Break up the family and drain me financially and emotionally

c)  Facilitate the stealing of my children’s identity in coordination with the goals and objectives local fringe religious groups.

28. It became obvious from subsequent events that everything that took place in my absence in Egypt was nothing but a setup orchestrated to force me to sign an illegal immoral settlement that is contrary to the Public Policy, under conditions of huge duress and without the benefit of competent legal counsel, (Law Society File# LCN118/11 & Law Society Tribunal File# PLC14/09).

29. The illegal immoral settlement basically:

(a) Reinstated me to my job; and

(b) Paid $20,000 in legal fees to my lawyers who concluded that shameful settlement. A settlement that was never endorsed, approved or even filed in the Federal Court of Canada.

30. Notwithstanding the above-mentioned duress and inhumane conditions including fear for my life and the lives of my children- under which the settlement was signed, none of the (3) involved Government agencies who signed the immoral settlement lived or intended to live up to it. Effectively the Government signed the settlement in bad faith.

31. Furthermore, each of the involved government agencies resorted to retaliate, harass and torture me and my family in violation to:

a)     s. 269.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada;

b)     Our rights under the Charter; and

c)      The Canadian Human Rights Act.

32. The torture included -but was not limited- to:

–  Documented acts of mental abuse on my job;

–  Ongoing surveillance and taping of my phone;

–  Ongoing interference by the Employer (AECL) in my family court proceedings and using this information to make decisions concerning my employment; and

–  Abuse of my sick leave and disability benefits.

33.  The torture also included failure of the Government -with knowledge and intention-to officially clear my security files in order to leave me open for further harassment, discrimination and blackmail:

(a) Inside Canada: i.e. by my employer (AECL) , and in the Family Court;

(b) Outside Canada: i.e. during my travel to any foreign country which constitutes violation of my mobility Rights (s.6 of the Charter).

34. It is clear that the illegal- immoral settlement is contrary to the Public Policy and technically it ought to be voided and nullified on the following accounts:

i) Violation of the Charter;

ii) It was signed under huge duress, mental distress, threats, fear for my life and the lives of my children, moral coercion and misrepresentations by the government.

iii) The illegal-immoral settlement was signed without the benefit of competent legal  counsel. The Law Society of Upper Canada’s (LSUC) Hearings and Appeal Panels ruled that my legal team had a history of Professional misconduct.

iv)  Last but not the least, all the involved government agencies failed to live up to the settlement that they signed.

35. The above deliberate acts of torture by all the 3 involved Federal government  agencies have ultimately lead to loss of my health due to ongoing suffering from (PTSD), loss of my family and loss of my career.

36.  Full details and contributions of each the involved government agencies are outlined on:

(a) My letter to the Attorney General of July 10th. 2014;

(b) My letter of May 2014 to the current President of AECL. The letter highlights and provides specifics on how each of the involved government (paramilitary) agencies has contributed in abuse, discrimination and torture against myself and my children are as follows:

The RCMP, CSIS & Department of Justice

a)  They have never cleared my name publicly so that our family can live a normal life with knowledge and intention;

b)   DOJ lawyers threatened me to either withdraw my case from the Federal Court or in the alternative they will make sure that my case will go no-where and that I’ll have to stay in the Courts till the end of my life.

c)  Discriminated against me by imposing an illegal and immoral settlement with knowledge and intention.


a) False accusations with knowledge and intention to frame me as a security suspect;

b) Deceived me with false promises into signing an immoral and illegal settlement;

c) After reinstating me back to my job, AECL subjected me to ongoing unsafe working environment and conditions including:

 i) Mental Abuse;

ii) Tampering with my employment and security files;

iii) Total of (3) grievances on file. Only (1) of the filed grievances was resolved as the Arbitrator ruled that my Employer the AECL subjected me to mental abuse. The other 2 grievances are still outstanding;

iv) discrimination based on religion , disability and old age;

v)  abuse of corporate procedures pertaining to sick leave benefits, sick leave benefits and Return to Work procedures.

d) Ongoing interference in my family Court Proceedings.

The Family Court & Children’s Lawyer Office

a) Since Day 1 in the Pembroke Family Court on or around early Jan. 2002, there has been no chance to get a fair trial. This was due to the fact that the family court was orchestrated to start immediately after a long duration of negative publicity due to the false fabricated accusations.

b) Lawyer Rocco Galati confirmed on the Application filed in the Toronto Superior Court (page #122) that the Children’s Lawyer and the CLO -in the course of their representation to the children- have abused their authority and breached my rights up to the point where I cannot and will not be able to receive a fair trial absent of apprehension of bias or even a reasonable apprehension of bias.

c) The Children Lawyer and CLO have regularly and routinely:

(i)   exhibited hostile, racist, and religiously intolerant attitudes, positions and demeanor towards me;

(ii)  NOT impartially representing the best interest of my children but in fact:

 –  have been completely partial to my wife’s case based on racist and religiously intolerant views and positions towards me;

–  tolerated and supported breaches of Court orders by my wife vis-a-vis access to the children by me and ignored all my complaints with respect to this issue;

–  allowed the children’s situation to degenerate, worsen, and fester with punitive access provisions against me, not in the best interest of the children, but all designed to oppose me based on racism and religious intolerance;

–  adamantly refused to allow me to travel to Ottawa City with my children to attend mosque despite my repeated begging;

(iii) Commissioned and filed an “assessment” (affidavit), by Daniel Lanoue “a clinical assistant” which was laced with:

– racist and religiously intolerant and ignorant stereotyping and findings without evidence and unsupported by any evidence whatsoever;

–  racist and religiously intolerant and ignorant assessment with knowledge and intent to deprive me of my statutory and constitutional rights;

 (iv) have abused their authority as a publicly appointed counsel on behalf of my children, in a campaign to deprive me of custody to the point of detriment to my children which included:

–  refusing to have my family and I assessed by a Muslim social worker;

equally “trashing” the request for counselling by someone trained in, or acquainted, with the Muslim faith, given my children’s upbringing as Muslims;

(v) have taken it unto themselves, in the face of the purported and very recent conversion from Islam to Christianity by my wife, in 2003, for what I state, and in fact is, the obvious convenience of the Family Court proceedings, to see to attempt the deracination of the children away from Islam so as to deprive me my custody and access rights;

(vi) countenancing and doing nothing to disabuse, the false content(s) of an affidavit containing the letter of Ginger Restall, of the Pentecostal Church of Deep River, who has purportedly overseen the “conversion” of my wife from Islam to Christianity.

(vii) My affidavit of June 23, 2003 in the Pembroke Family Court provides full details of the religious harassment both me and my family have been subjected to. The Children’s lawyer and the Court simply acted bemused.

c) The Court consistently refused to hear any evidence pertaining to the state of fear and terror that the family was living in due to the false security accusations made against me post 9/11/2001. Such specific key information was most relevant to the best interest of the children.

d)  Consistent Court violations of the Family Law and Divorce Law fundamental Rules, namely:

i. Family Law Rule #2 pertaining to efficiency;

ii. The Divorce Law Rules for maximum visitations;

e)  By consistently violating the best interest of the children, the family court and the children’s Lawyer Office subjected the innocent children under maximum mental, psychological and emotional risks that ultimately resulted-in huge alienation of all the children;

f)  The Court and the Children’s lawyer Office opted to treat the custody as a case of a “converted-Christian” mother against a terrorist suspect Muslim-father. They conveniently closed their eyes to the obvious signs of mental disturbances which were finally identified and diagnosed medically as case of Schizophrenia.

g) The above consistent conduct directly violates ” The optional Protocol to International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights” i.e.

Article 8; Article 9(1); Article 14; Article 14(1); Article 17(1); Article 17(2); Article 23(4); and Article 26.

Under the International Law, most of the violations outlined on the above-mentioned articles pertain to “Child Abuse and Child Slavery”.

h)  The final outcome of the Family Court Proceedings was to award full custody to a schizophrenic parent subjecting the children to maximum emotional, psychological and mental risks.

i) It is no wonder that the children are suffering from shame, fears, insecurities, and a host of other mental and psychological scars.

j) Effectively the family court entrenched maximum alienation against the father in order to cover up for government misconduct and to facilitate the stealing of the children’s identities.

k) This is not simply an employment problem. This is a scandal involving few (paramilitary) government agencies who ganged individually and collectively to abuse my security & employment records and to abuse my citizenship rights

Final Notes

37. I spent almost 40 years of my life in this country i.e. more time than I lived in my native Egypt where I was born and educated. After all these years I have no place else in the world to go just to satisfy the whims of a few corrupted senior managers in the Canadian Nuclear Industry who arbitrary decided to abuse my rights in order to cover up for their own incompetency, poor management and their childish and immature professional jealousy.

38. On preliminary basis, I am seeking the following:

a)  Support and solidarity to my just case from all Activists, Human Rights Organizations and Lawyers locally in Canada and Globally.

b) Specifically I do seek legal representation on contingency basis. The facts of the case do project significant amount of damages.

c)  Investigate the case fully to decide on our damages.

d)  Clear my name formally so that:

i. I can regain my relationship with my children once they become sure 100% that their father was never and has never been a security suspect;

ii. The children can be assured that they would never be discriminated against because of their relationship with me;

iii. I would be able to travel anywhere in the world without fears of arrest, harassment and/or blackmail.