Year 2000 – 2001:

1. Nov. 2000: Hired to work as a Project Engineer on a 3 month contract.

2. Feb. 2001: Contract renewed for another 6 months.

3. April / May 2001: Moved my family from Mississauga, ON to Deep River,ON based on management promises to offer me a permanent position.

4. June – July 2001: Applied to and got interviewed for the internally advertised job opening.

5. 9/11/2001: Unexpected terrorist attacks against NYC.

6. Sept.20, 2001: Interview with CSIS & the RCMP followed by termination of my employment.

7. Oct. 2001: Filed Statement of Claims in the Federal Court against AECL, RCMP and CSIS.

8. Oct. – Dec. 2001: 3 phone calls from (Ms. Lois Lehman) Sr. Counsel with the Department of Justice threatening me to withdraw my case from the Federal Court otherwise she will make sure that my case will go nowhere and I’ll have to stay in the Court till the end of my life.

9. Oct. – Dec. 2001: 3 visits without prior arrangements by 2 AECL co-workers who claimed to come in order to support our family. As soon as they openly expressed interest to proselyte our family, I simply and firmly advised them that we are not interested.

10.  Extensive media coverage and discussions in the Parliament expressing concern about the wrong accusations and the irreparable damages I was suffering.

11. Around the 3rd. week of Nov. 2001: AECL VP (Dr. Gary Kugler) called me at home. He apologized on behalf of management and promised that I would never be subjected again to harassment if I would go back to work for AECL. In response to my request, he made arrangements with security, CSIS and the RCMP to facilitate a personal trip to Egypt in order to see my dying father.

12. Dec. 3, 2001: Returned back to my job at AECL.

13. Dec. 5, 2001: Traveled to Egypt in order to attend my father’s funeral.

14. Around the third week of Dec. 2001, I received a package that includes massive amount of legal documents from the Department of Justice. The package was sent by the Government of Canada (not by my lawyers) via courier service to my home address in Egypt.



Year 2002:

1. Jan. 4th. 2002: Arrived back to my residence in Canada in the evening to find out that my ex-wife and my 4 children disappeared without a notice or warning.
2. On the same evening, I received a call from Lawyer Joseph Markin who was representing me. He aggressively requested me to I sign an Illegal Immoral settlement. Mr. Markin would not even counsel me on any parts of the settlement which was mailed to my home address in Egypt by the Department of Justice.
3. Under conditions of huge duress, fears for my life and the lives of my children – whom I didn’t know where they were- I signed an Immoral Illegal settlement without the benefit of a competent counsel.
4. The immoral – illegal settlement gave me back my job and paid $20,000 in legal costs to my lawyers. The settlement is contrary to the Public Policy and openly violates my Charter Rights.
5. The legal team of Mr. H. Kopyto and Lawyer Joseph Markin who championed that immoral settlement provided me with incompetent and damaging legal advice. The Law Society of Upper Canada –through their disciplinary panels-concluded that the team has been engaged in professional misconduct.
6. The immoral – illegal settlement was never signed by lawyer Joseph Markin and was never filed in the Federal Court. The settlement is claimed to be signed and witnessed in Toronto despite the fact that I was in Deep River, ON during that time and that it was never witnessed by anyone.
7. Jan. 7, 2002: I was served with legal documents signed by my ex-wife in the Family Court seeking custody and support.
8. Jan.7, 2002: Mr. George Poly during a casual conversation at work told me that–during my absence in Egypt- he went to my residence and gave money to my ex-wife as a Christmas Gift even though I had previously warned him never to come close to my house nor to contact my wife.
9. Feb 2002: I advised AECL management officially about improper conduct by coworker Mr. George Poly which included: (a) Using the corporate internet for personal and religious harassment objectives. (b) Sending me harassing emails containing religiously offensive and harassing material which are in violation of the corporate procedures and in violation of the Human Rights regulations.
10. Jan. 15, 2002: First Appearance in the Pembroke Family Court which was a well-orchestrated action to ensure that I would never have a fair trial considering the huge publicity of my case both in the National and International media.
11. Jan.15, 2002: Court would not adjourn the hearing until I can hire legal representation. They proceeded to force a settlement preventing me from taking my children to attend Muslim religious services in the Ottawa mosque.
12. This illegal Court Order which violated our rights under the Charter was designed–among many other reasons- to:
(a) Confirm a new fabricated accusation against me, namely that I was going to kidnap the children.
(b) Weakening and Breaking the bonds between me and my children as the first step to proselyte my children.
(c) Put me in a state of more terror and fear for the well-being of my children.

Year 2003 – 2006:

1. Ongoing close monitoring of my family court proceedings by AECL management which included:
 Obtaining full copies of the family court documents.
 Reviewing my family court documents.
 Filing my Family Court documents in my employment files.
2. Effectively AECL had put me to work under the most abusive and unsafe work environment. Both I and my children became the target of ongoing harassment and blackmail by AECL management, my coworkers and by the local residents of Deep River, Ontario due to the information that AECL was obtaining from the family court on an ongoing basis.
3. It is worth noting that this same Pembroke family court which allowed AECL to access my court files on an ongoing basis is the same court which would not allow my family court proceedings to be public in accordance with the Charter as noted on the Superior Court (File #05-CV-281592-PD2).
3. Aug. 16, 2004: Soliciting help from Sr. management (Dr. Gary Kugler) & V.P. Human Resources (Beth Medhurst).
4. Around last week of Aug., 2004: Corporate-wide Announcement that Dr. Gary Kugler is retiring.
5. Grievance #1.
6. Dec. 2004: Application to the Superior Court.
7. Mid Jan. 2005: Medical Advice to stay home in order to be able to take my prescribed medications.
8. Jan. 2005: AECL refused to process my sick leave benefits.
9. Grievance#2.
10. May 2, 2005: Withdrawal of the Application in the Superior Court by Lawyer B.Naylor without my consent.
11. June 28, 2005: Soliciting help from AECL President.
12. Complaint to the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) against the
Professional Institute of Public Service (PIPS) under section 17 of the Labor Code for unfair representation.
13. Dec. 2005: The Union & AECL were finally forced to recognize my rights and my entitlements for sick leave benefits.
14. Feb. 2006: Processing my sick leave benefits. Grievance#2 Arbitration hearings shortly afterwards, followed shortly afterwards by processing of my LTD benefits for the period between (July 2005 – June 2006).
15. Dec. 2006: contacted the Insurance company to inquire about the status of my new LTD benefits for the period following Jun 2006. The responded that they are waiting for response from AECL Human Resources.
16. Dec. 2006: Advised union about the conflict of interest of the insurance company regarding my LTD benefits.
17. Dec. 31, 2006: Traveled to Egypt to seek some relief and environmental change.

Year 2007 – 2009:

1. Jan. 2007: Consultation with Dr. Ahmad a well known Egyptian psychiatric who recommended for me not to go back to Canada on my scheduled return date (Feb.2007).
2. Dr. Ahmad indicated that there is a risk involved in going back under the Circumstances which may lead me to either commit suicide or in the alternative it might drive crazy.
3. Jan. 2008: Human Rights activists and lawyers volunteered to submit a complaint on my behalf to the UN committee regarding my concerns about Canada’s violations of International treaties since 9/11/2001.
4. July 2009: My daughter advised me by phone that her mother was having some mental problems and that she was introduced for treatment to the Ottawa Hospital.
5. After consultation with Dr. Ahmad, he gave me green lights to go back to Canada indicating that at least I would be able to have contact and develop a relationship with my kids.
6. Sept. 2009: Returned back to Canada and applied for social assistance.

Year 2010:

1. Application to Ontario Legal Aid. The Application was rejected although I was on welfare.
2. Contact with Insurance company to resume my benefits. They advised my Doctor that they have no info regarding my case.
3. Application for ODSP benefits.

Year 2011 – Present (Family Court – Toronto):

1. Filed a motion to the Ontario Court of Justice at 311 Jarvis st. to modify my spousal and child support arrears.
2. The Ontario Court of Justice followed by the Superior Court failed to recognize the obvious fact that my arrears should be cleared because I was forced to be unemployed due to no fault of mine. I became unemployable primarily due to the conduct of both the Federal Government and AECL who have jointly:

a) Destroyed my security status;
b) Failed to live up to the terms of the settlement that gave me back my job by progressively terminating my employment.
3. To cover up for the above failure, the court and the Provincial government directed
PGT to label me as mentally incompetent. This took place despite the testimony of
3 different medical professionals and despite the clear violations of PGT
procedures and despite my complaints to the Ombudsman Office.
4. The final outcome after 3 years in the Ontario Court of Justice is as follows:
a) My appeal against the unfair court order of May 30, 2013 which was complete and ready to serve, has been blocked by PGT after spending significant amount of time and resources to prepare it.
b) As a result wrong court orders have been effectively used to enable the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) to enforce huge deductions off my very little pension.
c) Open violations of the Family Law Rule # 2 i.e. the primary objective of that Family Law rules which are meant to enable the court to deal with cases justly.This includes ensuring the procedure is fair to all parties, saving expense and time, dealing with the case in ways that are appropriate to its importance and complexity, and giving appropriate resources to the case.That has never happened in my case which is still open in order to further drain me financially, mentally and emotionally.

2013 – Present: (Appeals to Sr. Government)


1. April 13, 2013: Letter to AECL president Dr. Robert Walker reporting and complaining about the abuse and tampering of my employment files.

2. Oct. 15, 2013: letter to Attorney General and Minister of Justice (The Hon. Peter MacKay).
3. March 11, 2014: AECL -Return To Work Program (RTW) Letter.
4. May 29th. 2014: Letter to AECL President re-the unsafe working conditions that AECL has imposed on me since my reinstatement on 2002 i.e. post the 9/11 false allegations made against me. I also solicited his support and assistance to clear my name formally so that I would not be subject to any further blackmail if they are serious about getting me back to work.
5. July 10th. 2014: Letter to the Attorney General providing more detailed info concerning the abuse and blackmail that I was subjected to since 9/11/2001 by all parties i.e. AECL, CSIS and the RCMP and the Department of Justice.
6. Oct. 2014: Letter to RCMP, CSIS and AG requesting them either to clear my name officially or to charge me so that I can defend myself in a court hearing.