Credit and acknowledgement are due to following parties whose contributions and ongoing support were the main inspiration and force that assisted the Attiah’s family to survive that long term ordeal:

1. Mr. Edward Mutterback, Technical Manager (Design & Eng.) Services, Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories, AECL,Chalk River, ON.

Mr. Mutterback boldly declined Senior Management requests and pressures to falsify my performance records in order to justify the termination of my employment.

Mr. Mutterback’s brave conduct has significantly raised the bar of ethical and professional conduct among all managers in the Canadian Nuclear Industry and world-wide. As such he was indeed another Canadian Hero who deserves much more than my humble words in acknowledgement of his heroic contribution.

2. Medical Professionals:

  •  Dr. Janusz D. Gawlik, Ottawa, ON;
  •  Dr. Ahmed Azayem, Cairo, Egypt;
  •  Dr. Jackson Lin, Barrie, ON.Barrie, ON;
  •  Dr. Donald Payne, Toronto, ON;
  •  Dr. O. Shabash, Toronto, ON.

3. The Late, Danny Guspie (1958- 2015), Executive Director of Father’s Resources International (FRI).

FRI – “Fathers-Resources Int. is an organization whose main mission is to teach fathers how to “Wage Peace” during family separation and/or divorce. During Danny’s own family break up, he discovered first hand that there weren’t any services for fathers. He then set out to create those services specifically for fathers to help them understand the importance of their contribution to their children as parents, and how to co-parent by peaceful means.

On 1994, Danny also launched the longest running free weekly support group for fathers in Toronto, Ontario and his widow has committed to continue his work. FRI offers audio training materials, coaching and counseling to empower men and women to pursue the true best interests of their children during separation, mediation, negotiation and/or family court – to find peaceful solutions for conflict so children have the opportunity to benefit and thrive within a co-operative, co-parenting family that now lives in two homes. Credit is also due to all members of the fathers support group who spared no effort to support this cause and provided me with plenty of valuable support and advice to deal with my long-term ordeals.


4. Newspaper and Media Reporters:

who supported this case specifically the teams of reporters and journalists of the “Ottawa Sun” under supervision of Ms. Kathleen Harris. They individually and collectively pioneered the reports about my case. Although they neither  knew then (Sept. 2001), who I was, nor where I was living? They had the courage, the integrity and professionalism to drive all the way from Ottawa to my residence in Deep River, ON to interview me and report the truth about my case.

5. The Teachers and staff of the Mackenzie High school, Deep River, ON:

In particular I’m grateful to the Principle i.e. Mr. Terry Hughes as well as Mr. David Miller for their ongoing support to my youngest son “Ridda” while going through a difficult time due to the family breakdown. Both of them were extremely responsive and cooperative when I advised them about Ridda’s dilemma. They worked hard with him and managed to include him in the school football team where he found a healthy outlet for his skills and talents.

6. The (4) children of Marriage Yaseen, Taha, Yasmeen and Ridda:

who were (15, 12, 9 & 7) years old respectively when that ordeal started on Sept. 2001. Their resilience and endurance gave me an endless source of energy and power to continue fighting for their protection as Muslim-Canadians. While the 4 children were the real victims of that ordeal, they proved to be the real heroes of that sad -yet true- story.