Special Damages:

  1. I have been living with no income since 2005, i.e. (9) years@ min. $90,000 per year salary.
  2. I had no chance to have any gainful employment due to my open security files;
  3. I am still unable to finalize my retirement process because the family court would not recognize the government wrong-doing against the family in the absence of government reluctance to accept their responsibility for their wrong-doing against my family;
  4. I lost my life savings in useless and frequently hostile family court proceedings.
  5. I lost my credit in terms of failure to payback over $ 70,000 in credit card and bank loans.

General Damages:

  1. Personal and professional Defamation;
  2. Loss of Reputation;
  3. Loss of my rights to live in liberty, dignity and respect.
  4. Peace and Security (s.15);
  5. Violations and loss of Mobility Rights (s.6);
  6. Gross violations of my Equality Rights (s.15);
  7. Pain, Suffering and loss of amenity;
  8. Intensive harassment, hostility and job discrimination against me after being reinstated back to my original job. This was documented via (3) grievances. One of the grievances was heard and the Arbitrator confirmed that I was being subjected to mental abuse by AECL;
  9. Loss of Health; I am suffering from Emotional distress, Depression and “PTSD”;
  10. Discrimination and Humiliation based on most of the grounds listed on the Canadian Human Rights Code i.e. race, ethnic background, color, religion, age, ..…etc.
  11. Loss of Family & companionship. My ex-wife has been diagnosed as schizophrenic which I believe was direct result of intensive campaign of fear and brain wash that she was subjected to in order to break up the family.
  12. Harassment and mental abuse by my employer who took advantage of the fact that my name has not been cleared (with knowledge and intention) to retaliate against me for reporting and complaining about their misconduct. This was documented on 3 different official grievances against the employer.
  13. Harassment in the Family court due to the fact that my name was never officially cleared. This resulted in significant financial losses in useless, abusive and harsh family court proceedings. My family court file is still open because the government insists on forcing me to pay for accumulated support arrears of $ 140,000.00 (revised few times since then but still not fair) even though I have been unable to be employed due to the fact that the same government has corrupted my security files and destroyed my professional reputation.

(Estimation of all General Damages shall be based on Legal Professional opinion)

Legal Costs & Other Damages:

Legal costs and Any further damages that may be deemed appropriate.