This site presents  the true- story of Mr. Mohamed A. Attiah,  a 68 years, Muslim – Canadian professional engineer (BIO & Testimonials). He was and he is still suffering irreparable damages due to Government misconduct pertaining to fabricated allegations of terrorism made against him in the aftermath of the 9/11/2001 attacks against NYC. His damages were further compounded by the Government mishandling of the case since then.

Immediately upon being questioned by CSIS and RCMP on Sept. 20, 2001, Mr. Attiah was fired from his job as a Project engineer with the Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories of the Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL), Chalk River, Ontario, Canada. He was also advised by the Corporate Security Supervisor that he is a “Security Risk” without any evidence.

Mr. Attiah’s case drew huge public attention and media coverage both nationally and internationally which ultimately forced the Government to re-instate him on or around early Dec. 2001. Prior to being reinstated, Mr. Attiah was assured over and over by the Canadian Government, Members of the Parliament and by the Senior Vice-President of AECL i.e. Dr. Gary Kugler that:

1.  He was wrongly accused without any just cause;

2.  They acknowledged that he suffered irreparable damages pertaining to his career, his reputation, his finances and his family;

3.  The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada will make sure to correct the grave errors and injustices on the part of the Government;

4.  He would never be subjected to any form of harassment if he would just go back to work for AECL.

Although Mr. Attiah was reinstated to his job. The Government has never cleared his name officially which left him wide open to retaliation, further discrimination, blackmail, mental abuse and ongoing fears for his life and for the lives of his (4) children and their mother.

Mr. Attiah believes that reinstating him to his job was nothing short of being a deliberate cold  blood  act of  fraud, deception, a trap set up by the Government of Canada to further retaliate and torture him and his family.

The climate of hate, vengeance and retaliation against a Canadian citizen for merely exercising his legal rights against the Government resulted in more aggravated damages that lead to severe family problems including separation, divorce, an estranged spouse and (4) alienated innocent children. It goes without saying that the loss of health and career (as tragic as they are) is pale in comparison to lost love and respect of Mr. Attiah’s children to their natural father.

Mr Attiah has plead his case to the Right Honorable Peter MacKay  (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada) in regards to clearing his name officially in the light of the inhumane sufferings and damages that he suffered post 9/11/2001. Mr. Attiah is still waiting to hear from the right Honorable Peter Mackay or the Harper Government in order that he can once again live in peace and security with freedom to travel around the world without any fears or suspicions like all Canadians.

Mr. Attiah has launched this website to plea his case for truth and justice and to request  exoneration of any doubts or allegation of being a “Security Suspect”.

Documentation present on this website is intended to educate the public about Mr. Attiah’s long quest to be exonerated.

Support from Advocates for truth and justice such as Human  Rights,  Journalists, television reporters and lawyers is most welcome and appreciated.